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Our products and services

At Shepherds Friendly we believe we’re very much there for the whole family, and we offer a range of products and services to help you plan for your own future, as well as the futures of your loved ones.

Saving for yourself

Stocks and Shares ISA

Our Stocks and Shares ISA offers you tax-efficient saving for your medium to long-term future. The plan is invested by us through our fund manager meaning you don’t have to make any tricky investment decisions, and aims to pay you an annual bonus on top of your savings, the size of which will depend on the fund’s performance. You can open a plan from just £30 a month and you can save all the way up to your annual ISA allowance, all free from capital gains and income tax.

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Bonus Plan

Our Bonus Plan is a tax exempt savings plan that is exclusive to friendly societies like us. It offers tax-efficient monthly saving up to £25, in addition to your ISA allowance. The plan aims at growth over the long-term, and for this reason we ask you to invest for a minimum of 10 years. There is also an element of life insurance included in your monthly premium, meaning that if you die within the term of your plan you dependents will receive a guaranteed tax-free lump sum.

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Saving for your children

Junior ISA

The Junior ISA replaced the now defunct Child Trust Fund (CTF), and offers tax-efficient saving from £10 per month. It’s a flexible savings plan that parents can open for any child who lives in the UK and who does not already have CTF in their name. The plan aims to pay an annual bonus into your investment, the size of which will be determined by the performance of the fund your child’s money is invested in.

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Young Saver Plan

Our Young Saver Plan offers tax-efficient saving for children from just £7.50 per month, in addition to the annual Junior ISA limit. We are able to offer this plan due to our status as a friendly society, and any child aged up to 16 that lives in the UK can have a plan. The Young Saver Plan is not limited to parents, and any relative who wishes can open the plan for a child, while we’ll aim to add annual bonuses to increase the value of the fund

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Junior Money Maker

Our Junior Money Maker lets you invest for your child over the long-term, and aims to add an annual bonus to the tax-efficient savings you’ve built up, although as with any investment this is not guaranteed. However, at Shepherds Friendly we offer you and your child even more, with a range of benefits that set our Junior Money Maker apart from other children’s savings plans.

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Protecting your income

Income Protection

Our Income Protection allows you to protect up to 70% of your monthly income, or net profit if you’re self-employed, and pays you a tax-free monthly income if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. Your premium does not take into account your health or occupation, and you can get a quote and apply for the plan online.

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Your Life Insurance

Over 50s Life Insurance

Available to anyone aged between 50 and 80 who lives in the UK, our Over 50s Life Insurance plan pays out a guaranteed, fixed lump sum on death to help your dependents pay for your funeral and other expenses. Acceptance is guaranteed and there are no medical or health questions to answer. You can get a quote and apply for the plan online.

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