Shepherds Friendly is delighted to announce the launch of the University savings plan.

The plan, which provides a simple and effective method of saving for a child’s university education, will help to counter the spiralling costs brought on by tuition fee rises. With the interest rate on student loans also set to rise, it is all the more important to stay as ‘loan free’ as possible.

The product has been developed on the back of research we conducted into parents’ needs, and the results this research displayed. This showed that the key area parents are saving for is a university education for their children.

The University Savings Plan offers a simple, flexible and effective way of saving for higher education, whilst also providing added benefits such as sickness and injury cover for the nominated child; as well as our promise to maintain the monthly premiums into the account in the unfortunate event that the premium payer dies during the term of the plan.

We know that everyone would love to give their children or grandchildren the best chance possible to make the most of their education, and we genuinely feel that this plan is excellently suited to doing so, providing them with a sum that could help hugely in reducing, or even eliminating totally, any loans taken out to pay for university in the future.

Please see for a detailed product description and to apply