Seashell trust volunteers 2015

Several employees at Shepherds Friendly have volunteered to spend the day with local charity, Seashell Trust.

On April 3rd, several members of staff from Shepherds Friendly will spend the day volunteering for Seashell Trust. Staff members will be helping out with everything from gardening and maintenance, to organising and taking part in an Easter Egg hunt with children at the Trust.

Seashell Trust is a local charity based in Cheadle Hulme and was established 190 years ago.

The Trust works to help children, young people and adults who have some of the most complex needs and disabilities, by providing intensive one to one support in care and education.

The children, young people and adults at Seashell Trust all have some degree of learning disability and have little or no ability to communicate, making the service the trust provides invaluable to these individuals and their families.

Seashell Trust are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and employ over 450 staff to care for, educate and entertain the children, young people and adults.

If you would like to find out more about Seashell Trust, what they do and how you could help them by making a donation or even volunteering yourself, then visit their website at