We are shocked and saddened by the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and our thoughts are with all of those who have been or stand to be affected. We are monitoring the situation very closely and its impact on financial markets.  

The funds that we invest in benefit from broad diversification that reduces the possible impacts of market shocks. They are also actively managed, which means that they will be transferred in and out of specific investments to limit risk when markets fall, whilst trying to capitalise on opportunities when they rise.  

Whilst we cannot guarantee how investment markets will perform, our objective is to provide returns to our members that do not fluctuate widely from year to year. This has been evidenced in recent years, including when negotiations around the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, as well as the emergence of COVID-19 in the UK impacted financial markets. Our careful investment strategy enabled us to continue to pay bonuses to our members throughout.   

It is important to remember that you should have a medium to long-term outlook on investing, which means that you should typically plan to invest for five years or more. This gives your investment more time to benefit from compound growth, and to recover from any periods of weaker investment performance.


09/03/2022: Removal of exposure to Russian stocks from our investments  

As of 09/03/2022, the Royal London Multi Asset Strategies Fund has removed exposure to Russian assets. There was previously a negligible exposure of less than 0.1%, and there may be a brief period within which some residual exposure remains, but this will be removed as soon as is practical.  

Other funds that we invest in, such as the Legal and General UK Index Trust where our Child Trust Fund is invested, and the Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust Fund where our Sustainable Stocks and Shares ISA and Sustainable Junior ISA are invested, do not have any exposure to Russian assets.