to do list for those who are 50 years old

Being over 50 years old doesn’t mean it’s the end, in fact it’s just the beginning. Think about it, your children have most likely moved home leaving you with an empty nest (and maybe a little extra money to spend!), meaning you’re more likely to have the resources to try new things and explore a little bit more.

To celebrate our recent re-launch of our new and improved Over 50’s life insurance plan we decided to get together a few ideas to inspire those who are ‘just 50’ to try a few new things. We tweeted using our #50over50 campaign hashtag 50 ideas that ranged from relaxing holidays in tropical countries, to test driving an F1 car for the more adventurous amongst you.

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Learn the Tango
  3. Visit a country you’ve never been to before
  4. Test the waters of a tropical country and give scuba diving a go
  5. Plan a road trip with some friends and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go
  6. Treat yourself to some fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant
  7. Treat yourself to the luxury of a 1st class flight
  8. Try going sky diving (for the more adventurous!)
  9. Get a little fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors with a camping trip
  10. Or if you’re a little more of a thrill seeker, take a holiday to learn how to snowboard
  11. A fan of the festival atmosphere? Get yourself down to a Mardi Gras!
  12. If you’re an atmosphere seeker, there’s no better place than Oktoberfest
  13. Take your family or friends on a skiing trip
  14. Try researching your family tree
  15. Do you have any phobias? Now’s the perfect time to conquer a fear!
  16. Visit the king of the jungle with an African safari
  17. Test the waters and learn to surf
  18. Give something back and volunteer for a local charity
  19. Trot the globe and visit the 7 wonders of the world
  20. If you have a need for speed, treat yourself and test drive a Ferrari for a day
  21. Don’t lose touch with good friends… Try and re-connect with at least one of them
  22. Change a life and adopt an abandoned pet
  23. Do something amazing an save a life by giving blood
  24. Organise a school re-union and catch up with some old friends
  25. Take a dive and swim with the dolphins
  26. Already learnt the Tango? Take an advanced dance class and further your dance ability
  27. Get active and take up a new sport you’ve never played before
  28. Take the grandchildren on a family holiday
  29. … Or leave the family behind for a week and go on a relaxing holiday!
  30. Run 10k for your favourite charity and get fit whilst doing something for the good of others
  31. Go to a night class and learn a new skill
  32. Take the advanced drivers test and get all the letters on your licence
  33. Visit the Guardians alternative 20 wonders of the world
  34. Apply to be on a reality TV show, and maybe become the oldest member of the Big Brother House
  35. Enter into a live mic night
  36. Have a little fun and be a part of a flash mob dance
  37. Visit the great barrier reef
  38. Satisfy those thrills and take a ride in a fighter jet
  39. If a Ferrari isn’t enough, give an F1 car a test drive!
  40. Take Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice
  41. Fulfil a once in a lifetime experience and go see the northern lights
  42. Go for a trek and hike along the Inca trail to the beautiful Machu Peru
  43. Continue your sight seeing expedition with a camel ride to the pyramids
  44. Plan a trip to the Grand Canyon
  45. Plan a road trip along route 66 in the USA
  46. Try cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa
  47. Take a helicopter tour of New York City
  48. Take a ride on a hot air balloon
  49. Go and watch a Formula 1 race in a foreign country
  50. And finally, utilise any extra time you might have and make sure you continue to spend time with your loved ones

We hope you enjoyed our ideas, if you have any of your own, then please do tweet us,  talk to us on Facebook or email us at [email protected]