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Affiliate Programme

Earn money when you refer a sale to us online

If you own a website and think that you may be able to promote some or all of our products, then there is a chance you could make money by doing so.

Joining our affiliate programme means that you will be able to earn money by referring customers to us online. We already work with a large range of affiliates, from cashback and incentive websites through to bloggers and consumer champions.

All of the tracking and commission payments are managed through Optimise Media Group, which is an online platform you will have access to in order to monitor the performance of the campaign.

What can you promote?

We have six core products you can promote:

How do you earn money?

With the majority of our affiliates we work on a cost per action basis, whereby we pay you once a customer who was referred to us from your website buys one of the products listed above. We do offer bespoke deals to affiliates depending on the offering as well.

How to earn money

How is the programme managed?

Optimise Media Group provides all of the tracking solutions, reporting and commission payments meaning you can always see how the campaign is performing and what you will be paid. We have a full digital marketing team in-house, as well as design and content solutions, meaning we are able to produce bespoke web pages, content, emails and more.

To join our affiliate programme contact our digital marketing department by sending an email to or calling 0161 495 6410