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We do the hard work to nurture and grow your investment, helping you save for your future goals. When you invest, your capital is at risk.


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An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a government-backed tax-exempt savings plan, where you won’t pay income or capital gains tax on any money that you earn on your savings. A stocks and shares ISA, also known as an investment ISA, allows you to invest in shares, funds, bonds, and other assets. This gives your money more potential for growth than in a cash-based savings account. 

Investing should always be seen as a medium to long-term commitment. This is because investments carry a level of risk, as they can go down as well as up, meaning that you may get back less than you put in.


Our tax-free Stocks & Shares ISA offers growth potential by aiming to pay you a quarterly bonus every three months. You can save over the medium- to long-term without paying income tax or capital gains tax on your savings.

  • Save from £30 per month, or make online payments in single lump sums
  • Aims for better returns than you’d get with Cash ISAs and savings accounts
  • Save alongside Help to Buy, Lifetime or Cash ISAs up to your annual £20,000 ISA limit

Thanks to smart investment decisions by the fund managers, our Stocks & Shares ISA has been able to pay a bonus consecutively since 2008. However, the value of investments can fall, so you may get back less than you invest.

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Simple to open and manage

Open a plan online in minutes with a single deposit or monthly Direct Debit payments.

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Easy to manage

Control your plan online to pause, top up or change your premiums and track your savings.

We do the hard work

Our expert fund managers make smart investment decisions with a view to helping you grow your savings.

We’ve made opening a stocks and shares ISA straightforward, with the easiest way to do this being to follow our simple online application process. 

To be eligible to open a stocks and shares ISA, you must be aged 18+ and a UK resident for tax purposes. You’ll also need your National Insurance number handy, as well as either your bank account details if you want to save monthly, or a credit/debit card if you’re saving with a single lump sum. You can set up an account in 10 minutes and you’ll then be able to manage your ISA online. 

You can save up to £20,000 into your ISA in the 2023/24 tax year. The amount that you can save is also known as your ‘ISA allowance’ and is set by the Government. Your ISA allowance can vary each tax year but has remained the same since April 2017. 

The tax year is set by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) and ends at midnight on 5th April, meaning that you get a new ISA allowance on the 6th April each year. If you are looking to maximise the use of your ISA allowance, then it is important to remember that the deadline to do so is the 5th April.   

You have the option to invest all your ISA allowance in a single stocks & shares ISA, or you can split it across other types of ISAs, such as a cash ISA. However, you need to be careful not to save more than the overall limit, otherwise you may become liable for tax on your returns.

Our stocks and shares ISA aims to deliver better returns than a cash ISA.

How we invest

Our Stocks & Shares ISA invests your savings in a with-profits fund. Unlike with an index-linked fund, a with-profits fund offers more predictable investment performance by actively ‘smoothing out’ the daily ups and downs of the market. In years when investments perform well, some of the profits are retained. This means that when market conditions aren’t as good, then we can still aim to pay a bonus. We’ve consecutively paid a bonus on our ISA since it was launched in 2008.

Our goal is to provide you with higher returns in the medium- to long-term, compared with what you’d get from a bank or building society account. So you should aim to invest for no fewer than five years.

However, in some circumstances, a market value reduction (MVR) could mean you get back less than you paid in, so the amount you receive can’t be guaranteed.

  • Following periods of strong investment performance, you might get a final bonus
  • Or, following periods of poor investment performance, you may get back less than the current value of your plan.

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Where we invest

Our Stocks & Shares ISA is actively managed by Royal London Asset Management (RLAM).

Your savings will be invested across stocks and shares, equities, bonds, and property. This spread means you’ll benefit from a medium- to low-risk investment strategy, where the goal is to achieve greater growth than you’d get from a cash savings account.

Your savings will go into the Multi-Asset Strategies Fund (MAST), managed by Royal London. Your money will be invested responsibly, screening out or limiting investments which may be considered harmful and looking to incorporate some sustainable investments.

The annual management charge for this fund is 1.5%.

Of course, no investment is free from risk. The way this fund is managed means that your investment is at a medium to low level of risk. This may appeal to you if you prefer a smoother investment journey.


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How we’re regulated

Shepherds Friendly is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Financial Services Registration Number is 109997.

Why we’re trusted

We believe in keeping things simple, and putting our members first. That’s why we’re highly rated on independent review platforms, with over 2,750 reviews across and Trustpilot. logo
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Please keep in mind that when you take out an investment product with us your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you have put in.

We’re a financial mutual that’s built on fairness. Everything we do is for our members, not shareholders, and all profits made are paid to you or re-invested for your benefit.

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Our members love that we do things the right way

Nine out of 10 members would recommend us for the way we help their savings grow.

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Helping our members benefit for almost 200 years

The world’s changed a lot since 1826 but our idea of fairness remains the same.

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We take the financial future of every member personally, because you’re one of us.

Once your first deposit has been received, you will receive an ‘ISA Boost’ within 30 days. An ‘ISA Boost’ is cashback paid directly into your plan, equal to your first deposit, up to the value of £100. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Download this document for all the key information about our Stocks and Shares ISA. Remember that when you invest, your capital is at risk.

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  • Past performance cannot be taken as a guarantee of future returns.
  • Bonus rates vary from quarter to quarter depending on the performance of our investments and in some years we may not pay out any at all.
  • HM Revenue and Customs may change the tax status of an ISA in the future.
  • Inflation and making regular withdrawals may affect the purchasing value of your investment in the future.
  • If you have been invested through periods of poor investment performance, and you leave the fund, you may get back less than the current value of your plan. This is known as a Market Value Reduction (MVR) 

When you take out an investment product with us your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you put in. All references to taxation are to UK taxation and are based on Shepherds Friendly Society’s understanding of current legislation and H M Revenue and Customs practice which may change in the future. Investment growth is through bonuses, the amount of which cannot be guaranteed throughout the term of the contract. Please ensure that you read the full terms and conditions of this plan which are available from your financial adviser or by contacting us directly.

Please note: No advice has been given by Shepherds Friendly, and if you are in any doubt as to whether a savings plan is suited to your needs, then you should contact a financial adviser. There may be a charge for financial advice, and the cost should be confirmed to you before any advice is given.