We are offering Your Baby Club members an enhanced Love2shop voucher code worth up to £100 when they sign up via the Your Baby Club website during their pregnancy, and then use the unique link provided when baby arrives to open a Junior ISA.

You will receive the voucher when you’ve paid your first premium into the plan. 

The voucher code can be used online at a wide variety of retailers including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, iTunes and more.

The value of your voucher code will depend on the plan you have applied for and the amount you are paying as a premium into that plan. 

As of 17th January 2024, Shepherds Friendly are no longer offering a Love2shop voucher for the Stocks and Shares ISA and Junior ISA.

Monthly Premium Junior ISA 
Monthly PremiumLove2shop amount
Lump Sum Junior ISA 
Lump Sum PremiumLove2shop amount

Important Information 

  • You will only receive the increased offer if you have signed up via the Your Baby Club website, and taken out a plan using a link in the emails that we send to you
  • If you open a plan via a cashback site you will not be eligible to receive a Love2shop voucher code
  • If you receive an incentive off any third party, you will not receive a Love2shop voucher.
  • If you cancel your savings plan within 30 days of your application or before you pay your first premium, you will not receive a voucher code 
  • You will only receive a voucher code if you leave a valid email address 
  • Instructions on how to use your voucher code will be sent to you in your email when you receive the code 
  • If you open a plan through an IFA or other adviser then you will not be eligible to receive a Love2shop voucher code