20 questions to ask children

You may have seen the new craze going around social media at the moment. Many parents are asking their children 20 questions about themselves and they then are sharing their children’s answers with their loved ones. Some of the answers are hilarious, some enlightening and some make our hearts melt.

We couldn’t resist joining in on the craze so have put together a ‘20 questions to ask your children’ worksheet.

Our downloadable worksheet features a set of questions for you to ask your children. Write down the answers in the spaces provided so that you can store it away and look back at it together in the future.

Why not ask the questions to your children every year and see how they differ year-on-year? It could be interesting to see if your children have got over a particular fear, whether they still love the same TV programme, or if they continue to have the same outlook on what they want their future to look like.

Let’s face it, children’s imaginations are amazing. Understanding what they’re thinking can sometimes be difficult for adults to grasp. Asking your child questions is a great way to get to know what your child is thinking and a way to bond with them. It can create some entertaining conversations around the dinner table and when looking back at the answers in a few years time it can cause a few giggles or even remind a child of something they once loved which they may want to rekindle their love for.

[Click here: Download 20 questions to ask your children worksheet]

20 questions to ask your kids image


These questions for kids are an ideal activity to do with your child on a rainy day.

How to do the activity:

• Download the worksheet (click link above)
• Print it off
• Ask your child the questions
• Take a picture and upload it social media to share with your family and friends
• Use the hash tag #ShepherdsTwenty so that you can share your child’s answers with us and other parents.
• Don’t forget to put a note in your diary to do it again next year

P.s We’ve left the majority of it in black and white so your child can colour it in!

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