Building a responsible and sustainable future

We are committed to being a sustainable business. To us, this means that everyone can benefit; our members, people and society. To achieve this ambition, we strive to do business in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible manner – this is the mutual way.

Since 1826, we’ve been working together to do the right thing and make a difference through fair, clear products that help our members plan their finances and secure their future. So it’s only natural we should be so committed to building a more responsible and sustainable society in which everyone can benefit.

Our brand values are the principles that underpin our culture and run through every aspect of how we operate as an organisation. We don’t see these as a guide to how we should behave, but as a summary of how we do behave. Our three core values are as follows:
Working together

An uncompromising commitment to moral standards and behaviour. Honouring our commitments and acting responsibly and in good faith.

Doing the right thing

We are an organisation that cares, always putting people first. We thrive and succeed as a team, building trusting and rewarding relationships, inside and out.

Making a difference

We are committed to providing the best possible products and services that help make a positive difference to the lives of our members.

We promise to maintain and evolve our commitment to sustainability for current and future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Ann-Marie O’Dea

Chief Executive