lets talk ageing

Graeme McKenzie, founder of Let’s Talk Ageing, recently came in to the Shepherds Friendly offices to train the staff. Let’s Talk Ageing is a company specialising in marketing communications, with extensive experience and insight of successfully marketing to the older, more mature consumers.

The workshop involved enlightening staff on how to effectively engage with the society’s older and elderly customers and making us aware of how we could improve the communication experience for our more mature members.

With over 11 million adults in the UK being 65+ years, this age group makes up 23% of the UK adult population. Many older consumers have increasing health problems, experience minimal social interaction, suffer from loneliness and isolation, making them potentially vulnerable.

Improving the experience of our members is of the utmost importance to us here at Shepherds Friendly. We are always looking for ways to improve the way we interact and engage with our members. For that reason, this workshop was really beneficial for all of us.

Graeme commented:

“Many businesses just group anyone over 50 as a single group of older people. However, it is essential to understand that within the 50+ group totalling over 23 million UK consumers there are many sub-groups which are quite distinct from each other. Companies have to understand the individual characteristics of these groups to be able to tailor their communications accordingly.”

Nasrin Hossain, Chief Culture Officer said:

“The workshop was highly insightful for all of us and will really help us to better understand the different needs of our members. We are looking forward to implementing what we have learnt throughout the society, internally and externally. Lots of staff have already started reflecting on the work they do, taking into consideration what they learnt from the session.”