Mutual Moments

Mutual Moments, a new and exciting initiative, which focuses on providing exceptional customer service, has been launched this month for our members.

The innovative scheme, which was pitched to the Shepherds Friendly board by a team of employees at a recent staff conference, highlights the importance of empowering those who work for the Society to make decisions (outside of their job roles), and provide the best outcome for our members.

Mutual Moments, which was launched to our staff team at the beginning of July, aims to provide positive experiences for Shepherds Friendly members by giving our staff team the flexibility to make a given member experience exceptional.  Each member of staff now has a monthly budget of £25 to spend on a member if they so wish.

Examples of exceptional experiences could be something as simple as sending a wedding card to a member who is getting married, to something as thoughtful as ordering a birthday cake for a member who has saved with the Society for several years.  These moments are defined as Mutual Moments.

Libbi Martin, senior marketing manager at Shepherds Friendly said:

“This is a warming and exciting opportunity for our members and staff team here at Shepherds Friendly.  Mutual Moments will empower those who work for the Society to benefit our members by allowing them to take a given member experience and make it exceptional.  We’re very much looking forward to seeing and hearing about the first Mutual Moments offered to our members.”

Nasrin Hossain, chief culture officer also commented:

“It was great to see and hear so many ideas from our team at the recent staff conference. The enthusiasm and eagerness to present opportunities for the Society’s business strategy was to be admired.  Everyone who participated really went the extra mile for themselves and our members.  We hope that Mutual Moments benefits everyone who gets to participate in this new member focused opportunity.”