People Conference Macmillan Coffee Morning Chocolate Cake

Our annual People & Culture Conference took place on 29th September 2022, where the focus was on our culture and values, and how that influences our behaviours, including how we support our members. We also combined this day with a Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fundraiser. Our team embraced all elements of the day with their usual high level of enthusiasm and came together to share some great ideas.

People & Culture Conference

If there’s one thing our people do well, it’s working together towards our shared goals. Teamwork is almost second nature here at Shepherds Friendly. Our People & Culture Conference gives our team the opportunity to collaborate with people they don’t usually work with, share ideas and really think outside of the box.

This year, our conference was facilitated by Olive Strachan MBE, who brought her unique brand of energy and positivity with her! She got us all up on our feet and moving (with a little bit of dancing, for good measure), and helped us explore what our culture means to us, as well as our visions for the future.

The conference is an important date in the Shepherds Friendly calendar, as we believe that engaged and collaborative people provide the very best service to our members and, every year, great ideas are shared by our team that we implement in the months that follow.

Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Since everyone was in the office together, what better way to celebrate than with cake? Our team donned their aprons and raided the supermarkets to provide a plethora of baked sweet treats to enjoy during our morning coffee break. Plus, it was all for a good cause; each year, we hold a bake sale to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, as part of their World’s Biggest Coffee Morning fundraising event.

We made sure to put some pre-packaged cakes and treats aside for those who needed them. These were donated to local group Handy Ladies Feeding the Community, so they can be added to the food and care packages they deliver to vulnerable individuals and families in the local area.

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