Have you spoken to your loved ones about your final wishes or do you find it difficult to approach the subject?

Many people find it difficult to talk to their loved ones about their funeral wishes with 1 in 10 UK adults prevented having a conversation about their final wishes due to fear.

A third of people haven’t talked to their loved ones about the subject as they just don’t know how to bring up the topic.

Admittedly, talking to your loved ones about your final wishes is not really a topic of conversation for the dinner table. None of us like to think about dying, let alone talk about it.

However, it is important that you somehow let your loved ones know your funeral wishes, so that they can plan a funeral that gives you the send off you deserve.

One way of doing that is recording your wishes for safekeeping. The downloadable booklet below is the perfect way to let your loved ones know about your final wishes without having the dreaded conversation with them.

Print off the booklet below, fill it in, store it somewhere safe and be sure to let someone know about it so they can put your wishes into action when the time comes.


[Download ‘My Final Wishes: Funeral Considerations and Checklist’

*Remember to set your printer settings to ‘booklet’*

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