How to access to Your Account

You can view your investments via our online login area or via the mobile app. Your log in allows you to manage your plan much quicker and easier than over the phone or by post.

What can I do when I log-in?

There is a range of things you can do when you are logged in to view your investment plan. Currently, you can:

– View your plan details and recent transactions
– Check how your plan is performing
– Make online payments to your ISA quickly and securely
– Keep up to date with the latest Shepherds Friendly promotions and offers
– Update your personal details
– View your important documents

How do I register for an online account?

Registering is simple. Your security is important to us. Therefore, we request that you go through a few security steps before you can log-on and view your investment. This process is in place to help us to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to your investment.

Follow the process below to register for online access to your plan:

• Step 1: Go to our website to find the registration form
If you have a Stocks and Share ISA or manage a Junior ISA, follow this link to find the registration form.

• Step 2: Fill in your details.
The form will include creating a memorable password. The password you create will become a part of the two-step verification process that you will take every time you log-in to keep your investment log-in area secure from unwanted visitors.

• Step 3: Confirm your email address – this will act as your username.
You will receive an email from Shepherds Friendly asking you to confirm your email address by clicking on a verification link. Click on the link, and that is your email verified. You will not have to do this again unless you change your email address.

• Step 4: Confirm your mobile number.
We will send you a text message that will contain a six-digit code. Enter this code to register. The text-message code process will become the second part of the two-step verification, and you will need to enter a unique pin code every time you log-in.
Note: If you don’t have a mobile phone, the pin code can be sent to you by email.

• Step 5: Finally, confirm your home address.
We will send you a letter by post that includes a seven-digit verification code. Once you have the letter from us, you can complete the registration process by entering this the first time you log-in to view your investment.

Yes, this does mean that you can’t log-in straight away but once all these checks are complete, it means you can log-in as and when you please, knowing that the checks have been made and your online safety has been well and truly taken care of by Shepherds Friendly.

If you need more information regarding member log-in, give our member services team a call on 0161 428 1212, and they will be happy to assist you.