At Shepherds Friendly we value sustainability and this year we are continuing to strive towards a sustainable future which is why on 17th October we will be celebrating Recycling Week 2022.

What is recycling week?

Recycling week is the national week dedicated to recycling in the United Kingdom. While most members of the public often recycle their plastic, paper and glass etc. recycling week is the perfect time for businesses to raise awareness and help promote positive change to the environment and society.

How to get involved with recycling week?

The best way to get involved this recycling week is to raise awareness. Whether that’s sharing helpful information on social media, informing your friends, family and coworkers, taking part with your children or encouraging local businesses to take part.

Also, it goes without saying recycling week is all about trying to recycle whatever you can. You can do this by:

  • Recycling your regular plastic bottles, paper, glass and cans.
  • Take any old batteries to recycle at your local supermarket.
  • Purchase a compost bin for any food waste. This compost can then be used in landscaping, farming, and horticulture.
  • Donate or sell any old clothes, rather than throw them away.
  • Reuse any plastic or tin containers you receive from a takeaway, rather than throwing them away.
  • Purchase reusable metal straws, rather than one use paper or plastic straws.

What are sustainable practices?

Sustainable practices are daily changes you can make to your lifestyle that will help the environment, society and the economy. To help the environment, you can take public transportation or cycle to help cut down on carbon emissions, recycle, use energy saving bulbs and be less wasteful with water.

Societal sustainability is all about helping create a fair and equal society for everyone. To help create a sustainable society you can campaign for human rights, safe working conditions, promote diversity and educational rights.

To help grow a sustainable economy the best thing a consumer can do is to purchase sustainable products. Whether that’s biodegradable paper towels, reusable shopping bags and bamboo makeup pads etc.