Shepherds Friendly Bonus rates will be paid to members in 2011 and we are pleased to announce that the level of our Annual Bonus rates have been maintained for yet another year. At a time when financial markets have been under pressure for a number of years, we’re delighted to be able to advise that bonus rates on our various contracts have remained consistent, with bonuses for 2011 matching those declared as far back as 2007.

Bonuses for 2011 on our Young Saver and our ISA are still showing bonuses of 3%. Our Bonus Plan (With profits tax-exempt) remains at 2%, while our Bonus Plan (With profits taxable) is showing bonuses at 1.50%.

Evidence once again of the consistent level of performance achieved by the Society’s management team.

Please note: Whilst the information in this article was correct at the time of publication, as of January 2024 we have updated the bonus payment schedule to every three months (quarterly) instead of once a year. Past bonuses are not a guarantee of future bonuses.