april fools day trick tying shoes together

April Fools Day can be either one of the funniest or one of the most annoying days of the year, depending on what you and your friends are like. Here at Shepherds Friendly, there were a few stories that we fell for, and it seems like we were not the only ones!

Various companies came up with some really funny tricks for April Fools’ Day this year, some obvious, others not so! Below we have listed the best (or worst!) pranks that some of us in the office fell for.

Lighter, healthier, none existent food?

Marmite announced that they have created a limited edition translucent spread. A spokesperson for Marmite said: “The psychological benefits from eating a clear or lighter coloured spread simply cannot be ignored.”

Toblerone launched a new chocolate bar, the same shape as traditional Toblerone, but with nothing on the inside! Their tagline for the new product was “Because it’s not always what’s on the inside that counts.”

Burger King introduced us to its new “flame grilled fragrance”, which smells like a flame grilled burger. Unfortunately, for those of us who want to smell delicious (quite literally), it’s only available in Japan.

A range of new products for pets

A lady from Bromley has learned how to “speak dog” after taking a course from voucher website GroupOn. The course has been developed by the Pet Auditory Welfare Service, ‘PAWS’. They analysed over 2,000 different barks from 150 different breeds of dogs, and interpreted the meaning by scrutinising the length, cadence and pitch of both individual barks and ‘phrases’ to develop a dialect that humans could recreate in order to communicate with their dogs. Some of us dog lovers here at Shepherds Friendly secretly hoped that this one might be true!

The Royal National Institute for the Blind announced that it is training cats to become mobility guides for the blind and partially sighted people, for their new CatNav scheme.

Fitness First released plans to launch a new “pet freestyle” area in its gyms, for people who simply can’t stand to be parted from their pets. We’re hoping they get separate changing rooms!

Shopping Innovations

Asda launched their “email scratch and sniff service”, where by simply scratching at your computer or smartphone screen you could experience the smell of Glade Candles (some of us here may have fallen for that one, it was interactive!)

Tesco may have revolutionised the shopping experience, with trampoline paths being introduced into each store! No longer will you have to worry about reaching the biscuits on the top shelf.

Dominos Pizza claimed that it had created the first driverless delivery vehicles. Named the Delivery Innovation and Planning Squad (DIPS). Apparently, they will be “hitting the roads” soon, and might be delivering your next pizza!


So many businesses this year came up with some great ideas for fun pranks, we couldn’t have possibly included them all! We hope you didn’t get caught out by too many.

Here at Shepherds Friendly, we hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed your break, if you were lucky enough to have one.