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Our new and improved income protection plan proved to be a winner for advisers attending the Finance Professional Show in London.

The event, which took place at the Olympia London on Wednesday 4th November, provided the Shepherds Friendly business development team with a key opportunity to outline the importance and benefits of income protection. The Finance Professional show welcomed a significant number of advisers and exhibitors, and the new income protection plan, which was launched mid-October, drew a great deal of attention from those attending.

Shepherds Friendly business development manager, Antony Uttley, said:

“We received a lot of positive feedback on our new plan, which is great to hear. We also spoke to a number of people who worked outside of the financial industry including architects and surveyors who hadn’t yet considered protecting their income, and they were really keen to find out the benefits.

“The event itself was in a great location and we got to meet so many new faces. I’m convinced that our new plan, which was only launched a couple of weeks ago, really stood out amongst those who attended”.

Alexander Fallowes and Antony Uttley from the Shepherds Friendly business development team attended the event, which attracted 1,400 intermediaries, IFAs and finance professionals and took the opportunity to talk face to face with a wide cross-section of advisers from various backgrounds. The new features of the Shepherds Friendly income protection plan proved a key topic for many on the day and include:

  • No increase in premium from age 52
  • An online application process that doesn’t always require a medical tele-interview
  • Personal guidance and support with underwriting enquiries
  • Income protection premiums not being loaded by occupation

For more information about the Shepherds Friendly Society and the plans we offer, please call Anthony Uttley on 0161 495 6495 or email [email protected]