Shepherds Friendly and Mutual Diversity Alliance Logos

We’re proud to be part of a new initiative which champions diversity within financial mutuals. The Mutual Diversity Alliance is a group of organisations who are committed to demonstrating good practice in relation to diversity and inclusion within their businesses and the wider finance industry.

Members of the Association for Financial Mutuals (AFM) are being encouraged to get involved with the Mutual Diversity Alliance. The aim of the alliance is to allow members to learn from each other by sharing ideas and information and implement policies, processes and procedures that will help promote a more diverse and inclusive culture.

‘Doing the right thing’ is one of the values that forms the foundation of how Shepherds Friendly operates on a daily basis. We were already committed to creating an inclusive workplace, so the objectives of the alliance align with our own values and principles. Therefore, we’re pleased to be part of the new initiative and we are looking forward to seeing how it grows and evolves, and also the impact it will have in the future.

Our Culture Director, Nasrin Hossain, was part of the AFM working group that helped to launch the Mutual Diversity Alliance. She said:

“The Mutual Diversity Alliance was created by individuals from a variety of like-minded mutuals as a result of our shared desire to help drive forward our approach to diversity and inclusion.  At Shepherds Friendly, we like to think that diversity, inclusion and equality are deeply engrained in our culture and how we do business. That being said, there’s always ways to make further improvements, so our involvement in the alliance can only be a positive thing.

“It’s great to see other businesses pulling together for one shared cause. We hope that some real change comes about as a result of the Alliance.”

Tamasin Larocque-Fathers, Events and Communications Manager for the AFM, said:

“The Mutual Diversity Alliance provides a distinctive, mutual focus to diversity and inclusion.  We are delighted that Shepherds Friendly, and many other members of AFM have signed up, and we see this as an excellent way for our sector to demonstrate a commitment to managing their businesses in a very inclusive manner.”

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