Pedometer Challange

Over the last month we ran a pedometer challenge, which saw our head office staff taking part and getting involved, creating a real buzz around the challenge.

It was a fun way to encourage employees to get active, focusing on health and well-being, while bringing out everyone’s competitive side.

A total of twenty-eight Shepherds Friendly Steppers took part in the pedometer challenge. They were divided into four teams, consisting of seven members each. The teams were:

Sole Survivors

Hot Steppers

You’s Aint Bolt

Team Bunion


The challenge

Team Sole Survivor and Hot Steppers started off the challenge, wearing their pedometers the first two weeks while they stepped away. With their star stepper, Andrew Gurton from the compliance department, who manage to get an astounding 409,051steps in just to weeks, team Hot Steppers were sure they had it in the bag and had given the other teams some tough competition.

The following two weeks saw teams You’s Aint Bolt and Team Bunion putting on their pedometers and stepping away.

The challenge saw an increasing number lunch breaks being spent outdoors in attempts to get that number up on their pedometers.

Not only were the teams competing against each other to see who could get the most steps and be crowned the winning team, but so were the individual members. With prizes up for grabs for those who came first, second, third and fourth place.


 The results

After four weeks of some great stepping, the results were announced last week at a company lunch. Despite having the star stepper, team Hot Steppers missed out on first place, with You’s Aint Bolt taking the lead with 34,701 steps. The end results were

  1. You’s Aint Bolt: 1,116,516
  2. Hot Steppers: 1,081,815
  3. Sole Survivors: 1,080,395
  4. Team Bunion: 961,318

The prize for the winners was a team meal out!

The results for the individual winners were:

  1. Andrew: 409,051
  2. Suzie: 275,646
  3. Matt: 206,428
  4. Debbie: 201,721

Here’s what Andrew, Shepherds Friendly’s star stepper for 2018, had to say:

“I enjoy physical activity and I’m also quite competitive, so I was really looking forward to the challenge. I tried to get my steps in whenever and where ever I could, a run after work, walks during lunch breaks, activities during the weekend, all helped me get that figure up on the pedometer.

It’s great to work for a company that encourages us to be more active and I look forward to more challenges in the future too!”

There was a great competitive spirit throughout the office during the pedometer challenge month, and benefits were seen. Our staff members reported feeling more active, less stressed, and more likely to take an extra few steps a day! We can’t wait till next year when we take part again.