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Whatever your child's hopes and dreams for the future might be, saving in a Shepherds Friendly Junior ISA can help you make them come true.

When you consider the rising costs associated with your child growing up, there’s no doubt it makes sense to consider saving to give them a head start with their future. Whether this is with university tuition fees in mind, or simply to help with the costs of buying a first car or home, saving regularly can help to build a nest egg for them when they need it.

The Shepherds Friendly Junior ISA allows you to save for any child that is under the age of 18 and does not already have a Child Trust Fund in their name. You can open the plan if you are the parent or legal guardian of the child, and we’ll accept contributions from anyone who wishes, making it a great option for birthday and Christmas presents, as well as other gifts from family members and friends. You can also switch your child’s Child Trust Fund to our Junior ISA.

Features of our Junior ISA

Flexibility icon

Total flexibility to suit you

We appreciate that over a period of up to 18 years your financial situation may well change from time to time, so with our Junior ISA you have total control over your premiums. You can stop, start, raise and lower them as and when you wish, and you can add lump sums as you please too. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly premium then you can simply open the plan with a single minimum deposit of £100, and can then pay in as you go. This makes saving for your child manageable and flexible.

£10 per month icon

Open a plan from £10 per month

Our Junior ISA can be opened with a monthly commitment of just £10, and you can save all the way up to the annual Junior ISA limit. If you want to open a plan with a lump sum deposit for your child, then this can be done with a minimum payment of £100 followed by further lump sum contributions of any amount over £10.

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Tax-efficiency increases the savings’ potential

When you save into our Junior ISA your money will fall under the ‘tax umbrella’. This means that all the growth your child’s money receives will be free from income tax and capital gains tax, and when they take the money upon maturity of the plan it will be completely tax-free, helping their savings to go further.

Stocks and Shares icon

Stocks and shares investment

We will invest your child’s money on your behalf through our fund manager and it will be invested primarily in stocks and shares, with the aim of achieving higher growth over the long-term than might be available by saving in a cash-based Junior ISA. Despite being a stocks and shares investment, the value of your child’s Junior ISA can never fall, and once we have added a bonus to it we will never take it away, making our Junior ISA potentially less risky than some other stocks and shares Junior ISA investments.

We do the work icon

We do the work

Because we invest your child’s money for you it means you don’t have to make any complicated investment decisions. Your child’s money will be invested in our With Profits Fund, and growth will depend on the performance of the fund. For more information on how we invest, click the ‘Our Fund’ tab at the top of this page.

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Add gift money and other contributions

It’s likely that your child could be given money throughout their childhood from grandparents, other family members and friends (at Christmas or birthdays for example), so in order to keep their nest egg in one place we accept contributions from anyone who wishes to deposit money into the account. This increases the saving potential of the Junior ISA and helps your child towards their annual tax-efficient allowance.

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How to open a Shepherds Friendly Junior ISA: You can open a plan online quickly and securely by clicking the button below:

If you would like assistance in applying or would like more information regarding the plan, you can find out more by viewing our 'What is a Junior ISA?' infographic. Alternatively, our friendly customer service team would be happy to explain anything in more detail or take you through the application process over the phone, just give us a call on 0800 526 249


  • Past performance cannot be taken as a guarantee of future returns.
  • The value of the JISA depends on the future performance of the investments held in the fund and the bonuses we distribute from any profits arising from these investments.
  • HM Revenue and Customs may change the tax status of a Junior ISA in the future.
  • Inflation may affect the purchasing value of the investment in the future.
  • The money invested into a Junior ISA cannot be withdrawn early; it can only be withdrawn by the child when they reach the age of 18 years old.
  • If you transfer the plan to another provider during the term of the plan, or if you leave the money invested for more than three months after the child's 18th birthday, then we may apply a market value reduction if investment returns have been poor. In this event your child could get back less than you have paid in. Your capital is at risk.

All references to taxation are to UK taxation and are based on Shepherds Friendly Society's understanding of current legislation and H M Revenue and Customs practice which may change in the future. For our With Profits plans investment growth is by means of bonuses, the amount of which cannot be guaranteed throughout the term of the contract. Please ensure that you read the full terms and conditions of this plan which are available from your financial adviser or by contacting us directly.