Six-month old baby Elsie Jacklin may not know it yet but she’s already proved to be a winner in the prize draw held by Shepherds Friendly at the Baby Show at Earls Court in October.

Proud mum Jessica entered the free draw when she visited the stand and was amazed to find later that she had won a child savings plan for her baby daughter that will have £25 invested every month until Elsie reaches the age of 18. How’s that for a nice windfall that could reach over £8000 and help make the youngster’s dreams come true!

Whether Elsie has her heart set on university when she grows up or perhaps a first car or even the trip of a lifetime, she’ll have a lump sum to play with that should certainly bring a smile to her face. All because her mum decided to stop at the Shepherds Friendly stand for a chat and took the time to enter the draw!

Jessica commented “We were thrilled to win the Shepherds Friendly prize and the extra cash will certainly help give Elsie a real head start. We hope she will decide to put the lump sum towards something useful like university fees, but whatever she decides to do with it, it will certainly give her more options and help towards building a brighter future for her. We’re delighted for Elsie and would like to thank Shepherds Friendly on her behalf for a truly wonderful prize”

This was the first year that Shepherds Friendly had exhibited at the Baby Show and they were delighted with the response – no doubt Elsie will be equally delighted when she’s old enough to appreciate her good fortune and the cash coming her way!