Saving for a brighter future or simply as cover for a rainy day now makes more sense than ever. An important consideration for any saver is getting the best return and there’s no doubt your money will grow faster if you save tax-efficiently and pay less tax.

This is where Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA comes into its own as the money you invest and its growth is free from income or capital gains tax.

Shepherds Friendly have now made applying for their ISA easier than ever with the introduction of online applications on their website. Applying is simple and quick for any UK resident over the age of 18 and the ISA lets you invest regular monthly premiums from a minimum of £50 a month and also lump sum investments from £500 at a time.

For the 2011 tax year which ends on April 5th, if you’ve not yet opened a stocks and shares ISA you can still save right up to the maximum of £10,680, less any cash you may already invested in a cash ISA. The maximum for stocks and shares ISA investments increases to £11,280 from April 6th, again less any of that total allowance you choose to invest in a cash ISA.

So be sure you don’t miss out on your ISA allowance for 2011 or 2012; applying for a Shepherds Friendly ISA is now easier than ever with online applications and remember you can also transfer an existing ISA to the Shepherds Friendly fund through a simple transfer form.

The tax treatment of these plans could change in future.