How to beat the Crimbo Limbo

That time between Christmas and New Year can often get lost in a blur. It’s the Crimbo Limbo, and we’ve got the best suggestions to make this period some of the most wonderful days of the festive season. We’ll banish the directionless wandering that leaves you feeling like you wasted an opportunity.

1. Have a PJ day

Before we insist on you getting too active, why not have a dedicated PJ day as a reward for the pre-Christmas hectic times? Planned down-time is not something you get to enjoy much of during the rest of the year.

2. Go to the panto

Ever sat through a pantomime in the lead-up to Christmas feeling distinctly “bah humbug”, because you’re simply too busy to enjoy it? If so, then this suggestion is for you. We love going to the Panto between Christmas and New Year. It’s less hectic as well as being something memorable and fun which gets you out of the house on a miserable rainy winter’s day.

3. Go for a winter walk

If the sun is out and the skies are blue, wrap up and head out for a crisp winter’s walk. Now is the perfect time to walk off some of the Christmas feasting, get some fresh air, and see some beautiful wintry landscapes. You don’t have to watch the waistline again just yet (it’s still the festive period after all) so indulge in a decadent hot chocolate when you get back home.

4. Hit the shops

The sales will be well underway, and now’s the time to go and grab a bargain. Head out early to avoid the crowds. You could even make a start on next year’s Christmas shopping as many Christmas decorations and wrapping paper are reduced after Christmas day.

5. Go ice skating

The pop-up ice-rinks tend to get very crowded in the immediate run up to Christmas, yet many are still open until early January. Look at your local ice rinks and book in for a skate during the “’Crimbo Limbo’”.

6. Practice random acts of kindness

Heard of RAOK? No, well, these little moments are a chance to put some good back in to the world. Remember the real reason of the Christmas season, and think of some ways to ensure that isn’t packed away with the wrapping paper. Perhaps visit an elderly neighbour, donate to a foodbank, offer to do someone’s shopping, or babysit for an hour. We promise you’ll feel good too.

Perhaps go even further and start a regular volunteering commitment. At this time of year, homeless shelters and charities need more hands-on-deck.

7. Sign up for the gym

If you really feel that you overindulged over Christmas, then now is a great time to join the gym. You’ll get in before the January 1st rush, and build your confidence before the influx of newbies.

8. Reflect and goal set

It’s not often that you get some time off work without a real agenda for your time. This makes the “Crimbo Limbo” an ideal time to think about what’s gone well this year and what things you may like to change. There’s no use waiting until 11.55pm on New Year’s Eve to make those resolutions, as they are bound to fail. Think about them now, consciously. Our guide on how to make new year’s resolutions a success may help.

9. Get creative with leftovers

Avoid the shops, but continue to eat well, by coming up with some cunning uses for the leftovers. From soup to curries, we promise that this way you won’t be bored of turkey, again.

10. Settle down for a box set binge

Got a series you want to watch? Got something for Christmas you’re worried you won’t get time for? Kick off a box set binge now, and you’ll be most of the way through before boring old work gets in the way again. Maybe this is the year you’ll finally know what everyone in the office is talking about!

11. Spend time with the people who matter

Don’t waste this time when you’re going to be pressured for time for most of next year. Use this time between Christmas and New Year as an opportunity. It is a great time to invite people over to your home, or to go out visiting other people. Lots of people are around.

12. Plan a trip away

It’s easy to feel dull and uninspired after the craziness of the festive period. It’s useful to have something to look forward to. Whether it’s a weekend away in the spring, a city break to beat the January blues, or your summer holiday: get planning! Lots of travel companies offer great deals at this time of year, so get something in the calendar.

Don’t let this time be a wasted opportunity. Use it with intention and the Crimbo Limbo will become a time you enjoy, rather than endure.