gift ideas for grandparents 

It always seems to be that some individuals are harder to buy for than others. If you’re after Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, that aren’t generic and boring, then read on.

Something useful, but personalised

Grandparents tend to have been around the block enough times that they don’t tend to have long wish lists. They likely fall in to the category of recipients who ‘have everything’.

Therefore, a great present for grandparents is to think of something they use every day, will likely have become worn out, and then give them a replacement that is personalised. Ideas include aprons, chopping boards, gardening gloves or coasters.


If you’ve got a little one, their grandparents will realise exactly how fleeting these few years are. Give them a memento to treasure by creating handprint or footprint art.

Choose a blank canvas, or even a bauble, and capture this moment in time. Grandparents will love being able to look back on these cherished memories.

Personalised key rings

Grandparents have a real desire to show off their importance in the little lives of their grandchildren. It’s often a huge point of joy and a chance to feel rightly proud.

Personalised keyrings, incorporating all the names of the grandchildren, can be an extra special way of having the reminder of their grandchildren with them always.

Homemade treats

Not everyone will appreciate your child’s efforts at baking, but grandparents certainly will! Have fun cooking up a festive storm with your child, and get them to design the labels. Your child will feel proud as punch of their creation, especially when they see their grandparent’s face.


In our busy pressured lives, the one thing grandparents may not get enough of is time. Even if the grandparents are hugely involved with childcare, they may not always feel appreciated in their own right.

Therefore, one of the most valuable but free gifts is to simply offer up some genuine family time, without any childcare agenda. Invite them on a day out with you, take them for dinner, or even just to come and feed the ducks.

This could be their most treasured present of the season.

Personalised 2019 calendar

With a whole range of companies offering online tools to make personalised photo calendars, these make a fantastic Christmas gift for grandparents. It’s also a great chance for you to go through the pictures from the last year and look back on how your children have grown and changed through the seasons.

Seeds or plants

Grandparents are often able to invest in the everyday tasks with our children that we ourselves don’t have time for. Giving them some seeds or plants for Christmas can give them a chance to get gardening with the grandchildren, and give them something they can enjoy together.

Grandchild decorated pottery

Head to a pottery barn or workshop in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and you can make highly creative and personalised crockery items that the grandparents will love. From mugs, plates and bowls to ornaments, your child can have fun whilst creating something truly unique for their grandparent.


It’s a classic, but with good reason! Photos of the grandchildren make incredibly precious gifts. Grandparents can’t have too many photos of their ever-growing grandchildren. Pick out some favourites, choose a frame, and get wrapping.

Cinema tickets

You may struggle for evenings out, needing to arrange babysitters, but grandparents have earned their stripes and are entitled to some nights out. Cinema trips are increasingly expensive, so some cinema vouchers or tickets is an opportunity to show grandparents that you care about them getting some time to themselves.

Whatever you choose as a Christmas gift for grandparents, it needn’t be expensive. Gifts that show your little one has been involved, are most likely to be cherished the most. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just thoughtful.

Image Credit: The Appliance Judge