If you are currently investing in a Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA or their new Junior ISA, you need to make sure you are achieving the most tax-efficient savings by investing the maximum allowable before the end of the 2011 tax year on April 5th.

Shepherds Friendly have now made the topping-up process quick and easy thanks to an online facility on their web site. With the Stocks and Shares ISA you can top-up right up to the maximum allowance of £10,680 for 2010-11 tax year or, in the case of the new Junior ISA, right up to the maximum of £3600 per child.

These ISA products offer growth that is free from income tax or capital gains tax, which means your savings can in fact grow faster. So make sure you’re making the most of your allowance and visit the Shepherds web site for an online top-up.

For more information , call 0161 428 1212 or visit the Shepherds Friendly website,

The tax treatment of these plans could change in the future.