lunch box ideas

Now your children are going back to school; it is back to the old routine of getting your children up early, getting them dressed, making their pack lunches and getting them to school all before 9 am.

We know that life can be hectic as a parent, and sometimes thinking of how to give your children healthy packed lunches that they won’t get bored of can be a real task. That is why we’ve spoken to five mums who have shared their nutritious lunch box ideas for your children that are quick and easy to create.

Check them out below:

Pasta lunch box by Victoria


“My children love pasta, so I give it to them for their lunchboxes! We make a big batch of wholemeal pasta and steamed veg then mix it all together either with chopped tomatoes or a nut-free vegan pesto. It goes down a treat and making a large batch means lunchboxes are prepared for a few days in advance.”

“I also add some fresh fruit, raisins and crunchy chopped salad, such as red pepper and carrots, for snacks in their lunchboxes.

Create their own wraps by Cheryl


“When making up a lunch box, it can be tricky to come up with new and exciting ideas that will ensure that your children get a balanced lunch and don’t just eat the unhealthy things. In some schools, they remove any unhealthy items such as chocolate bars.

“An idea that has worked well with my children of different ages is to cut a wrap into quarters then separately place pieces of ham, grated cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and whatever other healthy fillings you would like them to have. Children love the idea of creating their own wraps, and by placing the fillings separately, it means they get to choose what to put on. You can also buy little pots where you can put in dips and some carrot/cucumber sticks for them to munch on.”

“Swiss roll” sandwiches by Katie


“I found that both of my children quickly got bored of the usual ham sandwiches, but they are also a little bit fussy so finding that perfect alternative was a challenge. I opted instead to improve upon their usual sandwiches by merely adding one extra filling and then changing the way it looked!

“I made rolls up filled with ham and apricot jam, and then one with cheese and tomato sauce. Instead of cutting them, I then flattened them with a rolling pin and rolled them up like little Swiss rolls! Simple but effective and they gobbled them all up!”

Keep it varied by Sarah


“Children get bored of eating the same thing, so I try keep lunches varied. I send in mini shaped sandwiches, rolled chopped wraps, breadsticks and cheese or ham cubes, mini pittas, bread pockets mini bagels and occasionally fruit bread to mix it up a little. My children always ask every morning what they have for lunch that day. ‘

Keep your children hydrated by Jen


“Include a larger drink than you think your child will need. They can always leave some, but it is there if they want it. All the running around at school can make them thirsty and without proper hydration, they won’t learn as well and could always lead to bladder problems.

“This is something easily solved with a big bottle of water or squash for them to keep them hydrated. Young children just starting school may not feel able to ask for another drink, so if you send enough, you know they are ok.”