Here at Shepherds Friendly, we take pride in our community and aim to do as much as we can to support charities and businesses currently in the Cheadle area, and eventually throughout the UK.

We are currently working with the wonderful charity, the Seashell Trust. Based in Cheadle, the Seashell Trust provides a creative, happy and secure environment for children and adults with complex and severe learning disabilities. The trust is also home to the Royal College of Manchester and the Royal School of Manchester, where they cater for students between the ages of 2 to 25 years old. They also offer short break facilities for children and adults who do not have a place at the school; plus sports clubs for children both able and disabled; and regular events and training courses.

Earlier this year we took the decision to work with the Seashell Trust as we believe they do an outstanding job, helping out children and young people with learning disabilities, and their families. With our ethos as a mutual society we believe it is so important to support deserving local charities, and to give something back to our community. Lots of Shepherds Friendly employees, having grown up in and around the Cheadle area, have witnessed the hard work that the Seashell Trust has done over the years; therefore these employees were some of the first to help out with the fundraising events offered by the Seashell Trust.

We believe the Seashell Trust is a pillar in the community, supporting children and young people, and we are very proud of their continuous work and support.

Over the past year, our staff have volunteered for a number of different activities, such gardening and ground maintenance, helping with Easter egg hunts and embracing the spirit of the world cup with the Seashell Trusts themed sports day.

On the 19th November, we plan to have a fundraising lunch for the Seashell Trust. Everyone in the office will chip in by bringing along all kinds of different homemade food, drinks and cakes for everyone to enjoy. We will then have a big spread for all our employees, our board members and we have also invited the Seashell Trust to join in.  We have asked for donations from everyone involved. We hope to raise enough money to help the Seashell Trust build a birdhouse, which will allow the children they work with to get closer to nature in a calm and peaceful environment.

If you would like more information about the Seashell trust and the work they do please visit

Are you a local charity looking for support? Please contact us so we can discuss the benefits of working together. We are always looking for ways to support our community and are open to all suggestions!