Ways to cleanse your body and mind

Our body and mind are constantly processing food, drink, thoughts, ideas and emotions. With our ever-increasing busy lives, it can be difficult to find time to relax. However, it is important to take time unwind and cleanse your body and mind to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Discover our tips on ways to cleanse your body and mind:

Step away from the screens

With modern living our minds are under a constant onslaught of facts, figures, moving graphics and bright lights.

Instigate a tech-free day where all your electronics are switched off. If that seems too much, then try to instigate low-tech hours where you can. Purposely turn off screens.

Get your steps up, but outdoors

Walking is an excellent exercise, but it’s also fantastic for creating a time to think and clear your mind. It’s even better if it’s outside in the fresh air. Take a lunchbreak walk in the park, or try to catch a sunrise before work.

You’ll feel cleansed and better for it.

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Use mindfulness and meditation

Finding peace in today’s world is possible through the ancient approach of mindfulness. Simply focusing on your breath and clearing your mind can bring clarity and acceptance. Mindfulness helps us regulate our emotions,
but also gives us an incredible health boost. If you’re new to mindfulness and not sure where to start, search for meditation applications on your phone.

Take up yoga

Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice which focuses on breath control and various body postures, making it excellent for both health and relaxation. It’s suitable for anyone. Look up some free yoga sessions on You Tube!

Go herbal

Ditch your morning caffeine hit for a herbal drink of your choice. Ginger tea with a wedge of lemon is perfect for chilly February days. Alternatively, choose a different flavour which tantalises your taste buds. Different herbs have different attributes, so do some research on which would suit you.


Writing things and thoughts down can be immensely cathartic and soul cleansing. Start your own journaling ritual. Invest in a beautiful journal and pen and write down whatever you like, or perhaps you prefer to draw? Try to go a little further though and use it as a safe space for considering your regrets and desires, emotions and hopes.

Not only can writing things down be cleansing it can be motivating too. Writing down your goals for the week, month or year ahead can significantly help to make them a reality. Whether your goal is to clean out your finances, sort out debts, run a marathon or get a promotion at work, writing a plan in your journal can help to give you a boost.

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